Madrassah, Arabic & Fiqh Classes

When we purchased the derelict vacant piece of land once used for fly-tipping and bonfires for the Masjid one of our members had a dream in which they saw that an elderly gentleman was on the land and was doing something in one of the corners. As they moved closer they asked the gentleman (who had a radiant face), “what are you doing?” to which the gentleman turned around and said, “I am Prophet Ibraheem (Alayhi Salaam) and I am laying the foundation stone for this Masjid as I would like to play my part in the building of this Masjid.” Subhan’Allah!

As many people are aware Jamia Masjid Naqshbandia Aslamia was built in the record-breaking period of just 6 Months! Subhan’Allah, this demonstrates the blessings of Allah Ta’ala falling upon the Masjid.

The empty piece of land was formerly a place that was regularly used for bonfires and fly-tipping but through the inspirational leadership of our late charismatic leader, his Excellency Hazrat Khwaja Sufi Mohammed Aslam Sahib (Alayhi Rehma) it is now Alhamdulilah Sum’ma Alhamdulillah a place of worship.

Islamic classes are over-subscribed with over 150 young people on our waiting list, weekly Deaf Islam classes take place, weekly Dhikr gatherings not to mention the daily Dhikr gatherings that take place after Fajr salah.

In addition, we have undertaken a number of ad-hoc social activities such as nasheed contests for young people, parental training and so forth.

If one has sincere intentions then miracles are possible, for Allah Ta’ala bestows his glad tidings upon those he favours.


Jamia Masjid Naqshbandia Aslamia has a very comprehensive madrassah for children of all ages for both boys and girls. Our students are taught the Qu’ran with Tajweed; Hifz, Hadith, Supplications and Islamic Etiquettes.


Total Number of Classes:
 Four Boys Classes &
Three Girls Classes

Mon – Fri  5pm – 6:45pm

Lesson Plan:
Taught Qaida, Qur’an, Namaz & Daily Duas also taught from Tas-heelul Fiqh, Aqaa-id, Akhlaaq, Taa-reekh books

Separate Entrance for Girl Students.

All classes monitored via CCTV
All staff DBS checked
Fee: £5 per week collected on a monthly basis