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Annual Milad Events 2020

Below are the dates and locations for our annual Milad Gatherings held around the UK by our organisation. If you would like any further information please contact us on 07915377116.


Jamia Masjid Naqshbandia Aslamia’s annual Milad Gathering will be held on Sunday 3rd July 2020.  This is subject to Covid 19 restrictions being lifted regarding large gathering.


Friday Sermons

Jumah Mubarak to everyone! 

Due to the current Covid -19 restrictions we have 2 jamats for Friday prayer:

1st Jamat 1:45pm

2nd Jamat 2:30pm

Attendees are requested to wear PPE, bring their own prayer mats and a bag for their shoes. 

Please click on the play list to find the latest Friday Sermon, all the videos have been dated.

Deaf Islam

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Proposed Construction of Community centre for Deaf Children.

Derelict land that has been blighted by fly-tippers for more than a decade is set to be revitalised with the building of a new community centre.

The Naqshbandia Active Development Association (NADA), which already runs the Jamia Masjid Naqshbandia Aslamia Islamic Centre in Tile Street, Manningham, has bought a stretch of land next to the centre and is in the early stages of planning to build a new hub for the community.

Nazim Ali, general secretary of the organisation, said: “It has been used for fly-tipping for a number of years – over a decade. Nothing’s been done, it’s just been left. We purchased it fairly recently and our idea is a multi purpose community centre to regenerate the area.”

NADA already runs interfaith community days, football coaching and tournaments for youngsters. Its £500,000 Islamic Centre was completedin 2010.

The association will now launch a fundraising drive to help it acquire the money for the new development.

It is hoped a centre for deaf children, which runs at the Islamic Centre, will be extended with the new building. NADA also wants to run classes, sporting activities and advice sessions.

“We know it’s a long-term project, but we built the Islamic Centre in five months,” said Mr Ali.

“What gives us hope is we’ve done a project before and people have seen we can deliver.”

He said the community centre was part of an ambitious plan to regenerate the area, provide a social setting for residents and create a “feel good factor”.